Our MacKenzie King Values: Individual

21st June 2018
Catherine Vickery

Here at MacKenzie King, we like to think that we do things slightly differently to other recruitment agencies. As such, we have a set of core values that we like to keep in mind at all times, when dealing with both candidates and clients.

You may have seen our recent post about Knowledge, the first post of four regarding our core values. In the second of our MacKenzie King Values series, we’re looking at how we aim to treat you as an individual at all times.

Our MacKenzie King Values: Individual

When we think of the ‘individual’ value, we think of the fact that:

You will always be treated as an individual, the service we provide will be unique and tailored to meet your personal needs and expectations. Identifying & developing individual skills is something we take pride in.

This means that we know and appreciate that one role certainly won’t fit all! Coupled with our knowledge value, we aim to treat each hire as completely individual. This means getting to know the vacancy that you’re recruiting for, finding out about your company culture and then finding the right individual (there’s that word again!) to fill the role.

Acknowledging our Team as Individuals

As part of the recruitment process, we aim to meet with all of our clients and candidates and can certainly look beyond the CV or job description to really find out what makes the candidate or company tick. This often means acknowledging each individual’s strengths and potential, and we place and register a whole host of candidates with a wide variety of experience. This could be school or college leavers through to financial directors, and the vacancies that we fill are also just as varied.

Indeed, within our own team here at MacKenzie King, we will always look beyond the experience if we feel that the person is the right fit to join us. Sian, who recruits for both non-qualified and part-qualified opportunities in Ipswich and the surrounding areas is one such example of this. She joined our Ipswich office straight from finishing her university degree, and now, having worked for us for just a year, she is managing her own desk and has been responsible for many successful placements.

Acknowledging our Candidates as Individuals

One of Sian’s successful placements was Shennie, who graduated in 2015 with a history degree. Taking her CV at face value, she had no accounts experience. However, after meeting with her, it was clear she had the ability and potential to succeed in the role that we were recruiting for. Shennie has now been in her position for 7 months and is getting on extremely well. Shennie recently kindly gave us this testimonial regarding her experience with MacKenzie King:

“I was originally approached by Sian at MacKenzie King for an Accounts Assistant position. As a recent graduate, I was looking for a position with potential for personal development and progression. Although I had no experience in finance, Sian was keen to spot my potential and took me through the application process. Sian is fantastic to work with and I would recommend MacKenzie King to any recent graduates looking to take the next step!”

More recently, Sian placed a candidate who had started his career as a footballer, playing for Arsenal and Torquay. Following on from an 8 year career and an ongoing injury, Thomas decided to study AAT and realised that it was something he would like to pursue as a career. Thomas has recently started a new position as an Accounts Assistant and is keen to learn more about the industry. Thomas told us,

“My experience with Sian Cleeton has been excellent. Sian was very helpful and arranged a meeting with me to discuss possible vacancies and to see what kind of work I was looking for and also discuss the job role of the vacant position with Music Sales. Sian had arranged an interview for me within 2 days of our chat and I couldn’t have wished for a smoother process. I was successful in my interview and Sian was very informative and catered for my individual needs, and I’m very excited to start my new role.”

Both of these placements are clear examples of the MacKenzie King team looking beyond the CV to see the potential in the candidate. We treat all of our candidates with this same individual approach, and love seeing people develop their careers in a direction they may not have considered originally.

Acknowledging our Clients as Individuals

Of course, it’s not just our candidates who we treat as individuals. It’s important that we see our clients as individual and different to each other, too. We always try to ensure that we get to know our clients and the role that they’re hiring for. As such, we really like to get under the skin of the company, and get to know the company culture so as to make the right placement for everyone concerned.

If you feel that it’s high time you were treated as an individual during the recruitment process, why not get in touch? As specialist financial recruiters across Essex, Suffolk and Kent, we know that you need the perfect placement, which is as individual as you are.