Two people talking at Interview

How do you answer the “What is your biggest weakness?” interview question?

There’s one interview question that has the ability to trip you up in the middle of what was a very confident pitch about yourself, and that’s ‘what is your biggest weakness?’. So how do you give a good answer?
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17 Ways to Calm Interview Nerves

Everyone gets a little nervous before an interview, but how do you make sure that your nerves do not affect your performance? Here are 17 top tips from MacKenzie King's team to help you stay focused.
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Headshot of Ben Dotesio-Eyers recruitment specialist at MacKenzie King sitting at this desk

Meet the team: Introducing Ben Dotesio-Eyers

Get to know our Recruitment Specialist for the Bury St Edmunds area, Ben Dotesio-Eyers.
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Salary guide

Your local guide to accountancy and finance salaries in 2022

Discover the salary trends of 40+ accountancy and finance job categories across Suffolk and North Essex with the 2022 MacKenzie King Salary Survey.
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MacKenzie King website viewed on a laptop

Unveiling our New Brand

A lot has happened over the past 10 years here at MacKenzie King. You could say that we’ve been on a rather exciting journey with our clients and candidates. Cheryl and Catherine reflected on how far we’ve come and where we want to be, we thought ...
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Male sitting looking at a screen with blurred faces on it

The wonderful world of the virtual meeting

Straightforward advice on how to set yourself up for success with virtual meetings
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