Two children reading a book kneeling on a bed with a black Labrador and female adult on a laptop.

Working from home…. With the added twist of home schooling

If the thought of working from home with your child seems frightening, you aren’t alone. Kids demand a lot of attention and parenting while working… not to mention the added task of home schooling can almost seem like a minefield.
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MacKenzie King website viewed on a laptop

Unveiling our New Brand

A lot has happened over the past 10 years here at MacKenzie King. You could say that we’ve been on a rather exciting journey with our clients and candidates. Cheryl and Catherine reflected on how far we’ve come and where we want to be, we thought ...
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Male sitting looking at a screen with blurred faces on it

The wonderful world of the virtual meeting

Straightforward advice on how to set yourself up for success with virtual meetings
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chalkboard with the acronym team - together everyone achieves more

The Importance of Team

Getting the job you want is a competitive business. The importance of differentiating yourself from others has never been more important. Of course you will have many skills and attributes to mention at interview, but a key element to consider is ...
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lady coming through a door offering to shake the hand of a male

The benefits of employing temporary workers

The often overlooked advantages of employing temporary workers for your business.
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Stephanie and Hayley collaborative working at the MacKenzie King office

Preparing for your virtual interview

A helpful guide to navigating the world of online job interviews in the age of remote working
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