Unveiling our New Brand

A lot has happened over the past 10 years here at MacKenzie King. You could say that we’ve been on a rather exciting journey with our clients and candidates. Cheryl and Catherine reflected on how far we’ve come and where we want to be, we thought that it was about time we had a brand refresh.

As a growing business, it’s important to us that our brand truly reflects who we are, our culture, and what we have to offer.
Imagine completely stripping back the old to re-reveal the new. That’s exactly what we’ve done here in the office, on our website, in all our marketing materials and communications.
We’ve introduced a fresh new colour palette and brand assets that mirror our character and the values we hold as a business.
We love our new website design that has been built with the user in mind. Now, the experience a candidate or client has when visiting our website reflects how we are in person - expert, warm, caring and honest.

Bringing in the experts

We’re lucky as we have a fantastic digital agency as a neighbour, SimpleClick. When we first spoke to Richard and the team at SimpleClick about revisiting our brand and launching a new website, we knew they were the right partner. After all, we needed a website that would give us the control and flexibility to manage it without compromise. They instantly understood how important a more simplistic and user-friendly website was for us and set to work on achieving these goals.

Putting the right foundations in place

Before we could start work on our website, we knew we had to revisit our branding first and widely recommended to us were the lovely Angie and Franzi from Studio Brand Up.

As part of the brand strategy process, Angie and Franzi spent a lot of time getting to know us as a business, and as individuals.

For us, the most insightful and valued part of the process was obtaining anonymous feedback from both our clients and candidates. We were thrilled with the heartfelt comments left and will be proudly sharing the results in the coming weeks.

We must say, though, one of our favourite days was the Brand Strategy Workshop involving every member of our team. Through a series of engaging group activities, we explored our purpose, vision, mission and business ambitions. Stopping and pausing in this way gave us the headspace to reflect on our core beliefs and values.

Workshop Image

As a team, we agreed on our brand purpose going forward, which now sits at the heart of our Brand Strategy.

If you’re wondering, our purpose is:

“To proudly place honesty and Accountancy & Finance expertise at the heart of recruitment.”

After all, we genuinely care about the impact that we have in peoples lives and take pride in their success.

How our new brand reflects us

We’re absolutely over the moon with the result. A lot of work went into creating new design ideas. We’ll never forget the day when our new brand was unveiled. It was a special moment.

As if by magic, a brand that looks to the future without breaking too far from the past was created. Our new brand colours feel familiar, yet there’s far more warmth and depth of character. The colour palette is deliberately rich and welcoming to mirror the feeling that our candidates and clients receive with us by their side.

Brochure and mobile images

Typography was another big consideration, especially since our company name is our logo. Careful attention was given to the choice of typeface, with open rounded lettering chosen to reflect our honest and personal approach to recruitment.

To support our new logo, additional brand assets (graphics) have also been introduced as a subtle nod to accountancy and finance.

Angie and Franzi also introduced us to their copywriting partner, Emma from On Point Content, who helped us develop our tone of voice and content for our new website.

The online experience of our brand

With so many wonderful and refreshing changes having been made to our brand, we were soon back to planning our new website.

Together, we all took the time to carefully think about how new and existing clients and candidates would use our new website. It was a very involved process.

We made sure that every little detail was carefully thought through for the candidate and client experience; that our messaging is right, jobs are easy to find and apply for, and that our proposition is clear.

Honestly, we could not be more delighted with our new website and how it works in harmony with our new brand. It helps that there is a great deal of flexibility in how the website is built, it really is easy to use and connects straight into our system.

A brand fit for the future

Next time you visit our office, check out our social media or receive communications from us, you’ll see that we’ve completely embraced our new look and feel.

The office has had an interior design make over, with bespoke frosted glass, sophisticated welcoming signage, wall art proudly displaying our values and matching stationery.

We’ve had so much fun restyling everything that we went as far as buying matching crockery and beautiful plants to accent the design!

Coffee cups in the office

We hope you like our new branding as much as we do!