The benefits of employing temporary workers

With your company’s strategic plan potentially not looking as it should due to the COVID crisis, we leave ourselves wondering how we can increase our workforce and specialist team members, yet protect our budgets……

The answer is simple…… find yourself a reliable, highly motivated and driven temporary worker. Temporary employment is also referred to as freelance or contract work and is often overlooked for various reasons.

The use of temporary workers or “temps” as they are commonly called, has grown over the past few years as the economy has grown in many areas.

Some of the key advantages of employing a temporary member of staff are:

  • Temporary candidates can quickly provide specialist skills for your company’s short-term needs.
  • Companies are able to test out the candidate’s potential to perform various roles and responsibilities before making a long-term commitment.
  • Temporary staff offer a more flexible approach to recruitment.
  • It can usually be more cost-effective to hire a temp from a financial perspective once you take into consideration benefits etc. When hiring from an agency they are responsible for all things financial, including referencing, testing, payroll administration and paperwork.
  • It can also lower the risk in making the wrong hire, this can be time consuming to unwind, but can also affect the remaining team’s performance during the time.

Here at MacKenzie King we pride ourselves on partnering with organisations of all sizes, from SME’s to FTSE 100 firms and we focus on ensuring that our professional approach remains personal at all times.

We recruit temporary workers at Qualified, Part and Non- Qualified levels from Accounts Clerks to Senior Management and Finance Directors, providing Permanent, Temporary and Fixed Term Contract staff into the Commercial and Financial Services industries as well as Public Practice and the Public Sector.

With our pool of temporary workers, our team have the knowledge and ability to ensure that the process is handled quickly and efficiently, ensuring your temp has a smooth transition into the business.

Remember, contact us directly to discuss your staffing needs and requirements.

MK Team