The benefits of employing temporary workers

6th August 2020

With your company’s strategic plan potentially not looking as it should due to the COVID crisis, we leave ourselves wondering how we can increase our workforce and specialist team members, yet protect our budgets……

The answer is simple…… find yourself a reliable, highly motivated and driven temporary worker. Temporary employment is also referred to as freelance or contract work and is often overlooked for various reasons.

The use of temporary workers or “temps” as they are commonly called, has grown … Read more >>

Meet the team – This months focus….

29th July 2020

Recruitment Consultant Stephanie Capstick

As recruiters, a lot of our time is spent meeting candidates, visiting clients and communicating between companies and prospective employees, so ensuring we have a team of recruiters that are good listeners, open, honest, organised (to name a few) are absolutely paramount.

Here at Mackenzie we are lucky enough to work in a small friendly team , our recruitment consultants can be relied upon to offer a professional service to both clients and candidates alike.

Today

April is Stress Awareness month

7th April 2020

I’m sure more than ever, the majority of the population can relate to this.

It’s important to point out that stress is not always a ‘bad’ thing. Without this brilliant ability to feel stress, humankind wouldn’t have survived past the caveman era…  The term ‘fight-or-flight’ represents the choices that our ancient ancestors made, probably when faced with a saber-toothed tiger.

The fight-or-flight response, also known as the acute stress response, refers to a reaction that occurs in the presence of … Read more >>

Working from home…. With the added twist of home schooling

23rd March 2020

So, here we go…..

If the thought of working from home with your child seems frightening, you aren’t alone. Kids demand around-the-clock attention and parenting while juggling conference calls, the never-ending emails, tight deadlines… And not to mention the added task of home schooling can almost seem like a minefield.

This unwelcome distraction has struck a chord with many parents all around the world. Juggling work commitments with a hectic family life is tricky to say the least.

I am …

Your CV is a small document that can have a BIG impact…..

11th March 2020

Ensure that your first impression has a lasting effect!

A good CV is a gateway to many valuable experiences, from gaining the work experience that defines your future career path to landing your dream job. So, take your time to build it & devote the energy to refreshing it.


Here are MacKenzie King’s top tips:

Make a statement:

Showcase your abilities, what it is that makes you the right person for the role?  Ensure you include your future aspirations … Read more >>

Top Tips: Job Interview preparation  

26th February 2020


The ultimate guide on how to prepare for an interview — ensuring that you’ll walk in confident and able to give thoughtful, compelling answers to your interviewer’s questions…. Whilst remaining calm, confident and professional!

  1. Before your interview

Firstly, do your research, ensure that you have spent time reading about the company, their clients and the products/services they provide, Here, your main focus is not just to find out about the company but also how they see themselves and how … Read more >>

The Secret Ingredient for Engaging, Motivating & Retaining Employees

5th February 2020

Why the Answer isn’t Always Perks, Benefits and Free Lunches…

One of our recent MacKenzie King blogs looked at the different ways an employer can use benefits & perks to attract, motivate and retain staff. However, new studies indicate that employers also need to consider the other side of the coin, with some HR experts suggesting that engaging a committed workforce requires a different approach; one that is focused on the culture & purpose of a company, not just offer … Read more >>

Does Your Company Need to Think About Publishing its Parental Policies?

3rd December 2019

As we hurtle towards a General Election, there’s currently no shortage of issues and pledges being debated in the press. But one employment issue that is worth highlighting, particularly for those of us working for large companies, is the campaign being spearheaded by Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson to call for businesses to publish their maternity and paternity policies.

Swinson is calling on the government to require employers of more than 250 people to publish their parental pay and leave … Read more >>

6 Essential Business and Finance Podcasts for Accounting Professionals

19th November 2019

It’s no surprise that podcasts have soared in popularity over the last decade. The ability to listen to informative and entertaining programmes at any time and often whilst doing something else, is convenient and can make a long commute or a boring run much more interesting.

The medium has exploded since the first podcasts appeared in 2004 and now you can find podcasts on almost every subject under the sun, pretty much instantly and usually for free. However, this proliferation … Read more >>

National Work Life Week and How Employers can Encourage a Good Work-Life Balance

26th September 2019

You might not be aware, but 7th to 11th October is National Work Life Week. It’s an annual initiative created by Working Families, the UK’s work-life balance organisation and it’s intended to be an opportunity for both employers and employees to focus on achieving a good work-life balance.

A poor work-life balance can cause employees to neglect other aspects of their lives; it can have a negative effect on their personal relationships, result in physical and mental … Read more >>