Welcome to the MacKenzie King Blog

Why, hello there!

Welcome to our very first MacKenzie King blog.

Funny word blog, we’re not sure if we like it. Somehow ‘Weblog, an online diary’ has morphed into the word Blog. There seems to be a little too much slang around nowadays. Hang on we sound like a stuffy teacher!

Blog is just fine.

Now that is settled let us introduce ourselves. We are MacKenzie King and we recruit across Essex, Suffolk and Kent and specialise in Accountancy and Finance, Executive Appointments and Office Support. Our founding partners have over 50 years experience within our field of expertise and we’re jolly nice people!

So why a venture into the world of blogging?

Hang on; we’ll just pull up our soapbox. That’s it we’re in position. Well, we believe that people trust in people. And who better to work with than someone you trust. As in any relationship trust is key! Companies such as Penguin Random House, Intertek plc and Towergate Insurance for instance, with whom we have strong working relationships, are assured that via our flawless market knowledge we will deliver upon our promise of finding the very best candidates for the positions they entrust with us.

Likewise our applicants are confident that we can offer them the very best career opportunities.

Naturally we’re proud of our association with our clients. Since our inception we’ve built a highly valued trust and support system, with all parties buying into this ethos. You often hear of companies extolling the virtues of their USP. MacKenzie King’s Unique Selling Point is easy – value. We value our relationship with all of our clients, our recruitment partners and our candidates – without whom MacKenzie King wouldn’t exist.

We take our profession very seriously and yet importantly not ourselves. We like to have fun because we enjoy our jobs. We don’t return home everyday so that we can do what we really enjoy. Rather we’re passionate about what we do for a living, this in turn makes any downtime more enjoyable. It is this feeling we endeavour to foster for our candidates. We are not indifferent to the fact that not everybody enjoys what they do for a living. Yet we believe we are a long time working, why not find a career whereby Monday morning is not something to endure.

So within our blogs we shall look to put a face to our company, our industry, any changes in employment and recruitment legislation and, of course, the job market but also have a little look at the world around us and write about what enthuses us and brings a smile to our face.

Speak soon!