Use Social Media To Make Your Job Search Even Stronger

17th November 2015
Catherine Vickery

You’ve Connected With Us, But How About Everyone Else?

When you’re fresh on the job market again, your first step will of course be engaging with us, sending us your fantastic CV, and letting us help you get your perfect job. Following that though, you’ll need to use all the other tools available to you to help you get hired.

If you don’t already use social media for job hunting, it’s time to ditch the horse and cart and get with the times, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities!

Using social media to improve your chances of employment can be tricky, and can have plenty of pitfalls, but it’s free and it exposes you to endless job opportunities, so really, you would have to be mad not to give it a go.

Here are some great tips to help you understand the secrets of using social medial to get a job:

Your LinkedIn Might Be Barren – Don’t Worry

When you have just graduated or are early on in your career, your Linkedin will be a little bit barren – don’t let that put you off. Add literally any skill or experience you can think of and get stuck in – it’s all about being visible at the first, the rest will follow.

Be OK With Managing Multiple Accounts

Being new to social media can be daunting when you are managing loads of different accounts all day every day. Make sure the accounts you have are personal (don’t bother having separate ones for work) that way you will still enjoy updating them and what you update will be genuine.

Don’t Have Different Profiles For Different Jobs

If you are looking for two different types of job, don’t create different sites for them – put all the info on one site but make it clear you can do both types of job and don’t forget to outline why.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Sharing With Friends & Family

It might seem a little embarrassing letting your inner network know you’re trying to get employed, especially on Facebook where people you want to impress (school friends etc) can see your situation. Three words – drop the pride. The more people that know you’re looking, the more people who know to let you know if; they have a job for you, know an employer who is seeking, or have useful advice for you. Don’t underestimate the fact people do want and need to help others.

Engage With Prospective Employers

There are two steps to this – neither of which involve you asking outright for a job (just don’t do it). Step one – use all of your social media tools to communicate your enthusiasm, skills, experience and suitability for the kinds of jobs you want. Step two – use social media tools to find employers you would like to work for and communicate with them perhaps by commenting on posts adding some knowledge and insight into the stream – this is a really positive way to get noticed.

Use All Social Media Tools To Hunt For Jobs

Don’t just use Linkedin for job hunting because it is a work related site – Twitter and Facebook are underused job-searching tools – use them.

Don’t Turn Down Opportunities To Meet Actual Humans

When you’re all over social media, it can be really easy to forget that face to face contact counts for a lot. Use social media for everything it’s worth, but don’t turn down the chance to meet old friends, like-minded people and potential employers in person.

Think About How You Come Across Carefully

How your personality comes across on social media should be considered really carefully. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with showing your personality on one account, as long as that is balanced out with other accounts showing a strong level of professionalism and a kickass CV to back that up. It needs to be thought about properly and in all cases anything controversial should not be posted anywhere – where possible, keeping it clean is important. Employers will appreciate seeing the human side of potential employees – those with perfect social media profiles and images will come across as disingenuous.

Remember These Are REAL People

When engaging, with employers online remember they are real people and what you say matters. It can be so easy to feel comfortable when talking online, and use casual and risky language – remember to keep your professional hat on when talking to potential employers.

You’re Doing It, Well Done!

Of all the tips you’re ever going to read on any article about using social media to gain your chances of employment – this is the most important one;

You are making the effort, congratulate yourself!

When you’re playing the long game trying to get a job it can be really easy to be hard on yourself and lose motivation when no-one seems to be listening. Just by making an effort every day to engage with the job market via your social media channels, you are making the effort – you must congratulate yourself for that and remember being proactive will pay off.