Top Tips for Unemployed Accountants

25th January 2016
Geoff Collings

We are hoping that there are not too many of you out there who would class yourselves as ‘unemployed accountants’ particularly as figures from the Office of National Statistics are rather encouraging. According to their figures there has been a quarterly increase in the number of those employed in the in financial and insurance activities since December 2014 so things are looking up.

But we know that not everyone is in their dream job so we have come up with a few pointers that might just help you land your ideal role.

Location, Location, Location

Do not become transfixed by the bright lights of the city. Many accounting opportunities existing within communities like Ingatestone and the surround areas thanks to the proliferation of small and medium-sized enterprises. Operating at a local level will give you the possibility of having a direct impact on the local economy which can be hugely rewarding.

Selecting the right firm for you

Choosing your next company to work for is important and you should target those organisations that most require your skills.

If you are hugely skilled with many years experience then consider a position within a smaller firm where you will have more responsibility over a broader range of issues. We find such positions offer richer rewards – not always in financial terms – for the more mature candidate.

If you are just setting out in the industry then you may want to focus your attentions on larger firms where they have learning and develop programmes in place.

Choose the right agency

If accountancy is your profession then it of course makes sense to partner with recruitment agency that specialises in the field, such as ourselves. We have contacts with human resourcing departments all across the county so we can make sure you hear about the opportunities first.

Get out there and network

Interacting and talking to likeminded professionals is as important today as it has ever been. Conferences, events and business community groups are still great ways to build relationships that might lead to a job opportunity, but so too is social media.

Joining online discussion groups, forums and posting interesting articles are all ways that you can boost your profile, show off your knowledge and expertise. Many recruiting managers will look over am applicant’s profile online during the recruitment process so showcasing your achievements is vital.

Be proactive:

Being on the front foot with recruiting managers can help you stay ahead of the crowd. This might be contacting firms directly even though they have not advertised a position but more often than not it is post-interview activity that can make the difference.

Sending the recruiting manager a thank you letter shows professionalism and your keenness for the job. Provide them with a reason to invite you back for a 2nd interview, for example. “I would be very keen to demonstrate how I believe I can help your company save money by improving its purchasing behaviour.”


Helping you demonstrate how you can add value to an employer’s business is something that we can advise you on. We will match up your skills and experience with those employers that can best make use of them so that your next role is fulfilling, challenging and rewarding.