Tips on the top interview attire

12th May 2015
Catherine Vickery

You have struggled to find that perfect job and really stuck the hours in researching the company you wish to join, so don’t blow your chances; make sure you stand out with the perfect interview attire!

Make no mistake what you wear to an interview will create the image of the type of candidate, and person you are. Choosing the correct clothes is critical to any future success.

Now that is not to say that every job you go for will demand that you wear a collar and tie and suit. To a degree the dot-com era ushered in a more casual approach to what was suitable within the workplace.  Be sure to check if the interview will be formal or less so. This can either be done by checking with the company’s HR department or visiting the company as the staff leave for the evening.

However always dress a level up from your normal work attire. If you’re unable to ascertain the correct code always opt for a suit – ladies and gents!

  1. Women – You have the choice of trousers or skirt. The rule of thumb with a skirt is that the hemline should be no more than one biro length above the knee.
  2. Gents – a dark, sober colour is always preferable.


So here are some tips from us of cracking that interview look.

1) Long sleeve shirt or suitable blouse (white or coordinated with the suit)

2) Gents a belt if the suit requires it

3) Tie

4) Dark socks,

5) Conservative CLEAN leather shoes

6) Keep aftershave and perfume to a minimum

7) Keep makeup to a minimum

The old mantra ‘the first impression is the most important one’, is still so pertinent. Think about the image you want to project during your interview and then choose an outfit to suit.

Good luck!