The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media when Job Hunting

9th May 2019
Catherine Vickery

Unless you live on a remote desert island with no internet connectivity, social media is hard to avoid. Most of us tend to use our social media channels to share photos of our travels and our families, connect with friends and meet people with like-minded interests. However, when job hunting, should you carry on in the same manner as you would normally on social media?

Although it can be a great tool, there are certain things you should and shouldn’t be doing online when looking for a new role. Here are our top do’s and don’ts of social media when job hunting:

Do: Follow and Interact with Companies within your Industry

If you already have a strong online presence, following and interacting with any companies within your field is always useful. Not only will you have more chance of being one of the first to see any vacancies they post on their social media channels, but if you’re interacting with the brand in question, you may also be able to establish a relationship with them. This could mean that they think of you should a vacancy arise.

Don’t: Post anything you wouldn’t want your boss to see

It’s simple really: don’t post anything that you wouldn’t show your boss in real life. This could be anything from photos of drunken antics through to sharing any racist, lewd, sexist or in any other way offensive meme. Don’t forget about historic posts, either; it’s worth Googling your name to check what’s out there and reviewing as necessary. The general rule is, if you’re unsure, don’t post it.

Do: Create an Online Presence

We’re not saying that you should steer clear of social media when job hunting; in fact, we’d suggest the opposite! Having a well written, up-to-date LinkedIn profile, for example, is extremely important in terms of your visibility to recruiters. Similarly, if you have a work-related Twitter account or online portfolio of work, take some time to ensure that these are looking their best and is current. This will present you in the best possible online light.

Don’t: Post a Million Times a Day

We understand that the unemployment blues can have you turning to the company you keep in your phone, but tweeting every five minutes could send a message to potential recruiters that you are not taking your job hunt seriously. If you’re tweeting multiple times a day, why aren’t you updating your CV, for example? If you’re uploading a photos of your breakfast, lunch and dinner to Instagram, why aren’t you actively looking for jobs instead? Showing willing is half the battle when job hunting, and your presence online can give an incorrect first impression, even without posting anything offensive.

Do: Review your Privacy Settings

Taking some time to review your privacy settings every now and again is always wise, whether you’re job hunting or not. Particularly on Facebook, those pictures from last night’s party that you’re tagged in may be showing up to all and sundry on the channel. Take a look at their numerous settings and lock down any that may hinder your job hunt chances. Furthermore, make sure that your accounts aren’t open to the public, unless they’re specific accounts you’ve set up for the purposes of job hunting.

Don’t: Get yourself fired!

If you’re job hunting whilst in a current role, remember that anything you post online could be read by your current employers. So if you’ve posted on your LinkedIn account that you’re looking for your next career move, your current manager could see it as not being committed to the role you’re in at the moment. This is even more likely to be the case if you are seen to be online during office hours! Be sensitive about what you post, and just as in life, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Do: Get in Contact with MacKenzie King!

If you’re reading this because you’ve found us online or via our social media channels, then welcome! And if you’re looking for your next role in finance in Essex or Suffolk, our biggest piece of ‘do’ advice that we can offer you is to get in contact with MacKenzie King! As a specialist financial recruitment agency, we are looking to fill a variety of roles across the three counties. Let’s connect today and find your next career move!