Temping? Don’t lose out on what you’re entitled to!

7th December 2018
Geoff Collings

If you’re in between permanent positions, or unsure exactly what your next career move should be, temping can be an excellent stopgap. It’s a way to gain valuable industry experience and can often lead to a full time position within the company you’re temping for. And there’s no reason why, if you’re temping, that you should feel that you are any less an employee than your permanent counterparts.

Your rights as a temporary worker

Did you know that even as a temporary worker, after 12 weeks in the same job, you qualify for the same rights as someone who is a permanent employee? These include equal pay to that of a permanent colleague doing the same job as you, automatic pension enrolment and paid annual leave.

You should also have use of the workplace facilities that other employees have – for example, a shared canteen, or a creche – and it goes without saying that you shouldn’t be discriminated against on the basis of age, race, gender, sexuality or disability.

Missing holiday pay

Having said that temporary and agency workers should be receiving holiday pay (increased to the same level as permanent employees after 12 weeks), a new report by Resolution Foundation has brought to light that many temporary workers are losing at least £500m a year in missing holiday pay, and are being paid an average of 22p an hour less than permanent employees. This equates to an average of £400 of lost income per temporary worker each year.

With approximately 1 million people currently temping or in agency work, the economy is relying more and more on those in temporary positions. In fact, temping is up 20% on the start of the decade. As such, it’s important that if you are going to consider temping, you should go through a reputable agency, such as MacKenzie King, who can ensure that you will receive everything you’re entitled to.

How to get what you’re entitled to

If you decide that temping is for you, then it’s important to get what you’re entitled to. This can be made much more straight forward when using a reputable specialist recruitment agency such as MacKenzie King!

When discussing temporary work with our candidates, we always impress on them the fact that they are entitled to the likes of holiday pay, ensuring that we keep them informed of their rights at all times and helping them to get anything they’re owed wherever we can help.

If you’re looking for a temporary position in Essex, Suffolk, or Kent, get in touch! As a specialist accounting and finance recruitment agency with offices in Ingatestone, Ipswich and West Malling, we recruit for a variety of temporary roles across the three counties, and can advise you on your rights as a temporary worker.