Preparing for your virtual interview

26th January 2021
Hailey O'Riordan

As we continue to trundle along this new normal, adapting nearly all everyday aspects of life – we have had to take a different approach to business and work too. With the ever-changing progression of technology, of course, the workplace has had to follow suit – many of us have had to adapt the way we work to increase efficiency, save time and adjust to remote working.

The great news is, there are a number of employers still hiring, and thanks to technology, a growing number of companies are using virtual interview software to screen the field of potential candidates. With so many professionals now working from home or pursuing new positions remotely, the hiring process has become increasingly virtual as a result.

If you’ve not experienced one before, a virtual interview allows employers and candidates to “meet” and interact using video and/or web-conferencing, and although the interviewer’s questions are likely to be similar to ones of an “in-person” interview, there will be differences between the two.

So, how to prepare…….

Test Your Technology

Ok, great… you’ve been successful and offered a virtual interview! First things first are to test your technology ensuring you are set up for success. Remember to check your internet connectivity, and confirm your camera and microphone are working. It’s imperative that you check and test your technology several times before the interview, and that day too…. You want to make sure they are all working seamlessly.

Prepare thoroughly

Like any interview, you should be ready to speak in-depth about why you want to join the company. Firstly, do your research, ensure that you have spent time reading about the company, their clients, and the products/services they provide, Here, your main focus is not just to find out about the company but also how they see themselves and how they are different from their competition. Take into consideration the organisation’s values and if they represent your own values, as this will play a key part if you are successful. It’s a good idea to practice your responses to potential interview questions, to ensure you feel comfortable and confident with yourself before your interview.

Prepare the environment 

If possible, position your computer and webcam so there’s a blank wall behind you. Whilst this isn’t always possible, try to manipulate the background so it appears you are in a professional setting. Think bookshelves, rather than your unmade bed or a mountain of Peppa pig toys!

Dress for success

Although you may be sitting near your bed, you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of it. Dress as you would for an in-person interview. Dressing well can increase your confidence as well as boosting your professional image.

Think of the questions you’d like to ask

During your research, there will most likely have been details that you’d like to know more about. Write them out as clear questions for the interviewer. This will help you avoid an awkward silence when you’re asked if you have any questions.

Example Questions to consider:

  • What are the biggest challenges the person in this position will face?
  • Can you describe a typical day or week in the position?
  • How will the success of the person in this position be measured?

Remember you are your best asset, so let yourself shine through…… just because it is a virtual interview it’s still really good to smile, use a lot of eye contact, take your pauses, and also try to connect on a personal level.

Good Luck –  MK Team!