A new World Wide Web home for MacKenzie King

16th February 2015
Catherine Vickery

As with any well dressed person, or as The Kinks proclaimed, ‘A dedicated follower of fashion’ MacKenzie King like to move with the times.

While we were very happy with our previous website site it was agreed that we should spruce up our offering a little. So like an episode of ‘Homefront’ or some other such home makeover TV show we have had the decorators in and we can proudly welcome you into our new home!

Of course the dust sheets and paint brushes were absent for our makeover, rather it involved a lot of complicated coding and such like, far beyond the skills required for a talented bunch of recruitment experts, so we left it to the tech specialists.

And we are delighted!

As we all know first impressions are so important and we just love our harmonious, clean, sleek and well designed website.

With our new web offering we wanted to deliver what our candidates, looking for a new job really need; primarily job to find an appropriate job, quickly and without fuss. Equally for clients looking to recruit their ideal candidate they too can feel confident that job-seekers can find our listings easily.

shilouette1Visitors now can check out our social output and read our fresh and unique content. Our team has access to the CMS so that we can update regularly with hot news and blogs, keeping things bang up-to-date. Of paramount importance to us was to have a website that was easy to navigate and consistent, yet be packed full with useful information. Hopefully reflecting our professionalism and passion.

Going forward our blogs will have helpful tips and pointers on successful interview techniques, creating a great CV and making sure that your career no longer sits in the doldrums!

Hopefully you have picked up on our excitement. 2015 has kicked off with a bang for us here at MacKenzie King and we aim to make sure it does for you, our client.

Speak soon!