Meet the team – This months focus….

29th July 2020
Hailey O'Riordan

Recruitment Consultant Stephanie Capstick

As recruiters, a lot of our time is spent meeting candidates, visiting clients and communicating between companies and prospective employees, so ensuring we have a team of recruiters that are good listeners, open, honest, organised (to name a few) are absolutely paramount.

Here at Mackenzie we are lucky enough to work in a small friendly team , our recruitment consultants can be relied upon to offer a professional service to both clients and candidates alike.

Today we are focusing on one of our newest team members, Stephanie Capstick – her attention to detail, zest for life and passion for helping others really does put her top of the pile for recruiter qualities. Having only been with us for 10 months so far, she really has proved her weight in gold!

We caught up with Steph to find out what she has to say.


Hi, Steph! Hope you are well? I wanted to start by asking what originally appealed to you about joining the MK team?

The first thing that struck me with MacKenzie King is their ability to instantly make you feel at ease, they are personable and approachable, and I believe that these things really pave the way to a successful company, and in turn a company that I want to be part of. The team is small but well equipped and everyone gets on… Its really like one big happy family, which is great……. It certainly makes the days fly by!

You must be very proud of getting a 1st class degree in Psychology! Do you get to utilise this in your day to day role?

Yes, I surprised myself! It’s amazing really as I have found the skills to be extremely transferable, many wouldn’t think that recruitment would be so closely linked to psychology and counselling, but I have certainly noticed the benefits. It enables me to build and maintain relationships ensuring that I am the key link between the client and candidate. Understanding the needs and what drives the individuals is paramount to a successful match.

What are the best and the worst parts of working for MacKenzie King?

I particularly love the fact it’s such a positive place to work, everyone works as a team and I look forward to coming into the office every day, which not everyone can say! I’m particularly enjoying the networking side to the role, this is something completely new to me and its probably been my weakest area if I’m honest, however the team have really supported me. I now look forward to these events and use them to broaden my portfolio, its great being able to connect with so many industry specialists.

What do you do when you’re outside of the office?

Having recently returned to Suffolk I’m slowly getting back to the way of life around here…. I’m a huge fan of the gym and spend a lot of my time working out or running, I’m keen to enter some competitive running challenges too as I love to push myself, I find it helps me to unwind and de-stress. I also absolutely love pizza; I’d go as far as saying I’d eat it everyday if I could…… I know that is terrible…. Haha! I’ve also found a new love for dog training, again I think it’s the challenge of trying something new… I’m pretty good too, I think!

What’s important to you when working with candidates and clients?

It’s important to really gauge an understanding of peoples wants and needs, what drives them and building that solid relationship – these things are absolutely fundamental to ensure that we can deliver the expectations of both the candidate and the client….. It’s all about a working partnership.

And finally, what advice would you give to anyone starting out their career in finance?

Have a goal, no matter how big or small and work for it, whether that’s ensuring you work through your professional qualifications or simply being your best! Find a company that really supports career development, a company that believes in promoting a workplace culture and a company that strives to work to their business values…. Haha….. this actually sounds like I’m describing MacKenzie King!

Thanks Steph, it’s always fun getting to know the team!

MacKenzie King pride themselves on offering a professional yet personal approach to all aspects of recruitment, enabling us to really connect and understand what our clients and candidates want and need …… Ensuring we deliver success!


As always thanks for reading, MK Team