Meet MacKenzie King: Ben

12th October 2018
Catherine Vickery

As you may have seen in our recent interview with our Senior Recruitment Consultant Sarah, we’re always keen to support the career progression of our team. Supporting our top talent and helping them to build a successful career not only helps our team to enjoy a fulfilling role within recruitment, but it also helps us to nurture the best possible team for MacKenzie King!

As well as Sarah’s recent promotion, Ben has also been promoted to Senior Recruitment Consultant. We grabbed five minutes with him to find out why he chose a career in recruitment, and why he enjoys working for MacKenzie King.

Ben Goldie

Having recently been promoted to Senior Recruitment Consultant, Ben joined MacKenzie King after three years’ experience of working for specialist recruitment firms across Essex. He specialises in the recruitment of transactional and part-qualified opportunities across the Essex and Suffolk market.

Hi, Ben! You already had a wealth of experience in recruitment when you joined MacKenzie King. What originally appealed to you about the role within our team?

After having recruited for office support opportunities across Essex for three years, I was keen to develop into an Accountancy and Finance specialism. MacKenzie King gave me the opportunity and training to specialise in recruiting for transactional, part-qualified and qualified by experience candidates which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

When you first started out, what made you decide on a career in recruitment?

A career in recruitment always appealed to me as I am passionate about people, developing relationships and helping people to change their lives. Recruitment isn’t always an easy job, but when you find someone their dream job it makes all the hard work worth it.

How have MacKenzie King supported your career progression?

The Directors at MacKenzie King were really supportive when I said during probation review that I was keen to develop my career and the next step up. We put in place achievable targets over a 6-month period and during that time we had one to ones to see how I was getting on. They were really supportive and have helped me grow as a consultant over that period.

What are the best parts of working for MacKenzie King?

The team at MK are fantastic, from day one everyone is supportive and helpful which helps when working in our industry. Personally, I am able to work between our Ingatestone office and Ipswich office and the variety is great.

Can you sum up what it’s like to work for MacKenzie King in three words?

Friendly, supportive and genuine.

What do you do when you’re outside of the office?

After getting married and buying a house and dog around a year ago I find my time is spent alternating between dog walking, decorating, gym, shopping, cleaning, cooking and then trying to find time to go out with friends and family. All I can say is that the weekends do go very quickly now!

And finally, what advice would you give to anyone starting out on a career in finance?

To anyone that is looking to start out in finance I would always advise them to have a look at what a career in finance would look like and what aspects of it they would enjoy the most. There are so many different routes within finance that you can go down, and every candidate has a different story. Personally, I think starting in a entry level transactional role whilst studying your AAT is a great start and will give that strong base to develop on in the future.


Thank you for the insight into your role with MacKenzie King, Ben! If you’re looking to join a forward-thinking financial recruitment agency who are more than happy to support their team through promotion, feel free to get in touch with MacKenzie King. We have offices in Suffolk, Essex and Kent and we’re always open to exploring new hires to our team. If you have a passion for financial sector recruitment, we’d love to hear from you!