Your local guide to accountancy and finance salaries in 2022

Over the last two years, accountancy and finance teams across Suffolk and North Essex have been key to business survival. From forecasting and budgeting, credit control and payroll to account preparation and compliance, finance teams have never been more important. But what impact, if any, is this having on salaries?

To help answer this question, we’d like to introduce you to MacKenzie King’s 2022 Annual Accountancy & Finance Guide.

What does our accountancy and finance salary guide tell you?

Each year, our salary guide is carefully constructed using information from our vacancy database, client discussions, and market knowledge from across Suffolk and North Essex.

The intention behind our survey, which we give to our clients and use as a reference point for candidates, is to provide impartial salary insights.

Using our guide, employers are better able to attract the right talent for their teams while candidates can see what pay they can expect.

How do employers use our guide?

Covering 40 accountancy and finance roles, our salary guide is a useful reference point for employers.

As salary expectations can quickly change, employers use our guide to:

  • Benchmark salaries against the local competition
  • Attract talented employees by offering competitive salaries
  • Assist in pay review conversations with staff (as part of their staff retention efforts)
  • Help maintain equal pay among employees within the same job roles
  • Accurately forecast pay increases to be in line with industry trends

Unlike more generic surveys, we helpfully separate SME and Corporate positions since the salaries can vary quite widely.

Download our salary guide

How do candidates use our accountancy and finance salary survey?

We’re very transparent in how we work, so we use our salary survey to manage candidate salary expectations. This can be enormously helpful to candidates who’ve been in a role for a long time and are unsure what they can expect to be paid.  

Likewise, it also gives candidates a good idea on the direction to take their career if pay is one of their motivators.

Creating a bespoke appraisal

The MacKenzie King accountancy and finance salary guide is a great tool to quickly understand the competitive landscape.

However, if you’re looking to benchmark your salaries and benefits packages against the market, a bespoke salary appraisal will give you a more accurate steer.

We’re more than happy to use our extensive local accountancy and finance knowledge to create a report for you. Simply give us a call on 01473 760460 for a confidential discussion.