The Importance of Building an Inclusive Workforce

26th October 2017
Geoff Collings

A hot topic in the world of business and recruitment at the moment is the importance of building an inclusive workforce. Many of the UK’s top firms are focussing their recruitment efforts on creating more diverse and inclusive teams.

It is thought that in order to attract and retain top talent to your company, inclusion is key. Here’s why it’s so important to build an inclusive workforce:

Higher Employee Satisfaction

If an employee feels that they can be themselves in the workplace, their productivity has shown to increase. It’s also thought that when employees feel more included, they become better team players. They’re also likely to go beyond what is required of them, therefore working to their maximum potential.

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Of course, it makes sense that if your employees are happy, staff turnover will be lower. If an employee feels valued and respected, this will have a positive impact on talent retention. And in terms of attracting top talent to the workplace, in a recent study by PwC, 85% of female millennial employees said that an employer’s policy on diversity was important to them.

Better Financial Returns

It’s obviously hoped that a side effect of increased employee satisfaction and the retention of top talent is an increase in profits. An article by McKinsey suggests exactly that. Indeed, it is thought that gender-diverse companies are 15 per cent more likely to have financial returns above that of their industry’s national average. Similarly, ethnically diverse companies are 35 per cent more likely to show higher than industry average financial returns.

A Stronger Reputation

It goes without saying that by being progressive and innovative, your reputation will be stronger. Not only will a business which encourages individualism and inclusivity attract and retain the best employees, but it will also bolster stakeholder and customer confidence.

It’s really important therefore to build an inclusive workforce within your company. If you’re unsure of the best approach to recruiting an inclusive workforce, speak to a specialist recruitment company.  As specialist financial recruiters throughout Essex, Kent and Suffolk, MacKenzie King are able to provide you with a diverse set of candidates to fit your company culture and the vacancy on offer.