How to Maintain Excellent Workplace Wellbeing

4th May 2018
Catherine Vickery

Creating a positive working environment and maintaining excellent levels of workplace wellbeing for our team is something which is hugely important to us here at MacKenzie King. As such, and as part of our commitment to continued knowledge and learning for our clients and colleagues, our speaker at our recent Spring Networking Event discussed the hot topic of workplace wellbeing.

Suffolk Mind’s Ezra Hewing gave us a very insightful talk which evoked plenty of group discussion about how we can promote a positive workplace environment. It also highlighted the challenges that both team members and managers face.

The Mental Wellbeing Continuum

Something which Ezra emphasised at our networking events was the Mental Wellbeing Continuum. He spoke about the fact that we are all on the continuum for mental health, just as we are on a continuum for physical health. So, for example, you could have a cold or a minor headache, or alternatively you could be suffering from a much more serious illness, depending on where you are on the scale.

Mental health is exactly the same; you may feel slightly under pressure, or have a minor worry about something. Or, it could well be that you’re unfortunately feeling the full effects of depression or general anxiety disorder. Of course, we all feel stressed or anxious from time to time, and we all have low moods, but ensuring that this doesn’t become a problem is something that employers can help to do something about.

Ezra Hewing, of Suffolk Mind, gave a very interesting talk on Workplace Wellbeing at our recent Executive Networking Event.

Ezra Hewing, of Suffolk Mind, gave a very interesting talk on Workplace Wellbeing at our recent Executive Networking Event.

Taking Control of Workplace Wellbeing

As Ezra pointed out, if we do have a cold or a headache, we’ll take something to alleviate the symptoms. However, when we are feeling the strain of our mental health, we often just struggle on.

Within the workplace, managers can certainly take steps to help alleviate the symptoms of mental health strain. An easy way to implement this is to keep a close eye on your team’s workload. If you are aware of someone struggling under their workload, step in and see if you can help to alleviate the pressure. Perhaps you need to help them to decide on priorities or delegate some of their work elsewhere if possible.

Furthermore, you can help to encourage your team to get out of the office at lunchtime, take some time away from their desk and have some privacy time. It’s good that your team members can have some time to themselves to refresh and re-motivate themselves.

Having said this, building a sense of community is also key; make sure that your team enjoys an active work social life. Take meetings out of the office where possible, and enjoy team outings. Why not try something a little bit different from a night in the pub? Perhaps a theatre visit, taking part in a treasure hunt, or even something active like a high ropes session will get you all out of your comfort zone and enjoying each other’s company. This will not only help your team to bond, but you may also learn something new about your team members in the process!

Tips for Aiding Workplace Wellbeing

So what can you do to help your employees and team stay well? Here are a few ideas from the Mind website:

  • Ask someone in the team to organise a group activity for you all: this could be as simple as a picnic, or a group event, such as a team sport. Not only will this give one person a sense of responsibility and satisfaction at having been at the forefront of a workplace wellbeing activity, but it will also be a chance for you all to bond and relax as a team.
  • Listen to music in the office: enjoying some happy and relaxing tunes can really help to get the job done.
  • Take up a challenge: how about training together for a sponsored walk or marathon, perhaps in aid of your company’s charity of the year? You’ll really enjoy some team satisfaction from working together to complete a challenge!

Of course, on a more personal note, you can also encourage employees to use their commute time, where possible, to unwind with a good book or listening to music, help them to debrief and sort through their to-do lists regularly, and encourage continued learning to aid self esteem.

Encouraging workplace wellbeing is extremely important for all of us. It raises productivity and fulfilment in what we do, which in turn will be a boost to the company. Do you have any other ideas which help to improve workplace wellbeing? If so, why not let us know? We’d love to hear what works well for our clients!

Furthermore, if you’d like to attend our next Executive Networking Event, feel free to get in touch for more information!