How to Increase your Visibility on LinkedIn

2nd August 2017
Geoff Collings

If you’re currently in the process of job hunting, you’ll more than likely know that LinkedIn is an excellent tool for getting your CV out there.  It’s a social platform designed with professional presence in mind, and is an excellent way to connect with colleagues and / or potential employers and recruiters.

Despite this, many people simply don’t know the benefit of networking on LinkedIn, and are unaware that just uploading your CV isn’t enough if you really want to make yourself visible to head-hunters. These are our top tips to increase your visibility on LinkedIn:

  1. Maintain and Complete your Professional Summary

Your professional summary is the equivalent to your profile page on Facebook, as an example. It’s the first page that recruiters will see when they click on your name, so it’s important to keep it up-to-date and ensure that it’s fully completed. Make sure to include a short summary about who you are and what you do. If you’re actively job seeking, you may wish to include a sentence about what type of move you’re looking for.

  1. Endorse and be Endorsed 

When you endorse a friend or colleague for a certain skill, not only are your boosting your connection’s visibility, but they’ll also receive a notification asking them to reciprocate.  This will make your profile more attractive and it will help to increase your visibility.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a LinkedIn recommendation from your colleagues, too. Be proactive and ask those that you trust and who are familiar with your work.

  1. Connect and Network

This is the most important aspect of increasing your visibility. After all, LinkedIn is all about professional networking!

Take a look at the ‘People You May Know’ list.  LinkedIn’s algorithms are designed to suggest contacts such as those in your field, or people you may have gone to college or university with.

Connect with colleagues, peers and those within your sector to increase your reach.  It’s worth joining some specialist recruitment groups, too. There are specific groups run by recruiters themselves on LinkedIn, such as the MacKenzie King Jobs group, and these will often be the first place that new roles are promoted. It’s therefore worth joining such groups to get ahead of the game.

Look for specialist recruiters and connect with them and their groups. For example, when it comes to a finance or an accounts job, Suffolk, Essex and Kent job seekers can following the MacKenzie King LinkedIn page. Click here to do so. It’s an excellent way to keep up to date with new roles. Happy job hunting, and we’ll look forward to meeting you on LinkedIn!