Getting A Head Start With Your Career In Accountancy and Finance

28th January 2016
Geoff Collings

Not that long ago, those wishing to have a career in accountancy and finance had a very limited choice within the industry and had only a handful of very specific jobs to choose from. The paths to success were fairly rigid, educational choices and access to information was basic, and expectations were pretty simple.
A lot has changed since this happened and the choices within the accountancy sector are now almost limitless – new job roles are being created every day.
For this reason, a career in the financial sector requires a lot more training and planning than it used to.

Before Graduation (Or Even Before University)

It is important to choose educational courses appropriate to your career path as soon as you have an idea what you want to do. If you’re not sure on the exact job role, choose a course that has a core application in relation to finance. Business, economics, finance and accounting are all great choices. IT is a good additional educational path if you want to go into a tech related field of the financial sector.

Additional Interests

As well as education, there are interests and activities you can do as well to benefit your future career and look great on your CV.
Working or shadowing at an accountancy related business in any capacity will show your willingness to learn. Some universities and colleges work with businesses to offer students work experience while they are still studying. Alternatively a part time job at a firm of accountants is a great idea, even if you are just making coffee for full time staff. It is also worth reading up on industry news and making connections with employers via social media when you can, so you’re directly tapped into the world you want to be part of.

Getting A Job

Obviously we can help you a great deal when it comes to getting a job within the accountancy and finance sector, but there are also lots of other tools that will help you in addition to our expertise. Apprenticeships, forums and any opportunities offered as part of a post-graduate programme should be considered – every opportunity is a good opportunity.

Choosing What To Do

It can be really difficult knowing which path to take when it comes to your career. First and foremost, remember that any path you take might not be the path you stay on, but it will lead to further opportunities and a wealth of learning experience, which should be valued. Remember you aren’t supposed to know what you want yet, so if you don’t, don’t panic.

Be Your Best Self

Throughout your education, learning, interviews and job-hunting it is important you are always putting your best foot forward. From managing your social media to ensure you look professional and approachable, to making an effort with your interview attire – stay positive, enthusiastic and be your best self – a positive, determined attitude will get you a long way in any industry.