Five Steps to being Job Search Ready after Redundancy

19th January 2018
Geoff Collings

Redundancy. It’s not something that any of us like to think about. But, unfortunately, it’s a sad fact that many of us will face being made redundant at some point in our career. With the recent collapse of Carillion and the difficulties experienced by Toys R Us, their staff will be facing troubling times ahead, with many people having to deal with the prospect of job hunting at short notice.

In today’s world, even if you think your role is secure, it’s important that should the worst happen, you are able to start the job search process without delay. Would you be job search ready in the event of a sudden redundancy? If the answer to this is no, read on!

  1. Keep your CV up-to-date

Haven’t changed company in five, six, seven or maybe more years, but your role has changed massively? Perhaps you’ve changed departments, or had a promotion. Or maybe your role has just changed with advancements in technology and changes in legislation. Whatever’s happened to change your role, you can guarantee that if you haven’t thought about job hunting recently, your CV will be completely out of date.

Rather than having to wade back over five years’ worth of different tasks added to your role, and trying to remember when exactly you were promoted, get into the habit of updating your CV regularly. As soon as you get a promotion, or there’s another significant change to your job, update your CV.

This will stop you from missing vital aspects of your role and the key dates if you’re suddenly required to job hunt at short notice. Even if you just add a brief note of the change and the date, you can then go back and elaborate as and when required.

  1. Keep your LinkedIn Profile up-to-date

Echoing much of the point above about keeping your CV up-to-date, keeping your LinkedIn profile up-to-date will save you time and effort should you find yourself job hunting at short notice. Furthermore, it will help to increase your visibility on LinkedIn, as the social network will automatically notify your contacts of any promotions you receive, and this could also help with networking in your current role.

  1. Be Aware of the Latest Interview Techniques

Being aware of the latest trends in recruiting will help you to keep ahead of the game. If you haven’t had an interview in a few years, it’s worth just brushing up on your interview techniques through research and speaking to friends, family, and colleagues who are responsible for hiring. If you find yourself in the position of suddenly having to job hunt, contact specialist recruitment consultants, and ask them what they are looking for when recruiting.

It’s worth following career coaches on social media, too, and joining industry-specific groups on LinkedIn, to ensure that you are aware of any changes in recruiting techniques for your sector.

  1. Retrain, if Necessary 

Obviously you may not need to retrain completely, but it’s important to be aware of any changes in your industry, and keep on top of any relevant training as necessary. If there’s a qualification which will make you more desirable as a candidate, it’s worth considering taking the course. We appreciate that if you’ve recently been made redundant, times may be financially hard, but it’s a case of having to speculate to accumulate.

  1. Keep Positive!

We know that it is really hard to keep positive if you’ve suddenly been made redundant, especially if you love your job. But unfortunately these things happen to the best of us. What’s done is done, and there is no going back to your previous job. Try not to dwell on what happened, and instead channel your energies into your job search. If you can, reset your attitude towards being made redundant; see it as a positive new opportunity for you. Onwards and upwards!

If you’ve found yourself recently made redundant from a financial role, get in contact with MacKenzie King. We are a specialist financial recruiter, and are very happy to help you to move onto your next role. As clichéd as it sounds, as one door closes, another door opens, and we’d love to be the ones to help you to find a new job which you love even more than your previous role!