Interview Tips: Make sure you give the best impression

25th February 2016

For many candidates, the interview can be a stressful and challenging occasion. For more senior roles you will probably be called for more than one interview, potentially three or four with different departments and different managers. You may also face a panel. No matter what role you are applying for, the following no-brainer interview tips apply:

Look your best

Unless you are very specifically told otherwise, only a smart suit will do. For the gentleman, a white preferably (or blue … Read more >>

What is a recruiter looking for in an accountant?

18th February 2016

It is often not wise to try and second guess what type of accountant a recruiter might be looking for, but there are some things that we can be certain of when it comes to what they might search out when reviewing a CV.

Much of it will depend on the stage of your career and the level of role that you are applying for, which is why it is important to tailor your CV accordingly. Here we look at … Read more >>

What makes a good Accountant?

11th February 2016

The stereotypical accountant is someone who is perhaps A little dull, enjoys working on their own and who only deals with facts and figures. However our experience from the Ingatestone Office leads us to quite a different conclusion. When we look at what is required of an accountant in today’s business world we find that the personality traits that one used to associate with an accountant no longer hold true and that one has to be more outgoing in their … Read more >>

The Importance of Team

1st February 2016

Getting the job you want is a competitive business. The importance of differentiating yourself from others has never been more important. Of course you will have many skills and attributes to mention at interview, but a key element to consider is your approach to teamwork.

It’s a pretty standard interview question to be asked to give some examples of situations where you have worked in a team. It is good interview planning therefore, to consider these situations in advance as … Read more >>

Getting A Head Start With Your Career In Accountancy and Finance

28th January 2016

Not that long ago, those wishing to have a career in accountancy and finance had a very limited choice within the industry and had only a handful of very specific jobs to choose from. The paths to success were fairly rigid, educational choices and access to information was basic, and expectations were pretty simple.
A lot has changed since this happened and the choices within the accountancy sector are now almost limitless – new job roles are being created every … Read more >>

How Using a Local Accountant Can Help

27th January 2016

It is something we are all encouraged to do, and that is to shop local, support the independent and small business in your local community. The same principle that should be applied when choosing an accountant.

We are fortunate enough in West Malling and the surrounding area to have some high quality accountants right on our doorstep, so businesses don’t have to head towards the city to get their books audited.

There are several reasons to go local with your … Read more >>

Top Tips for Unemployed Accountants

25th January 2016

We are hoping that there are not too many of you out there who would class yourselves as ‘unemployed accountants’ particularly as figures from the Office of National Statistics are rather encouraging. According to their figures there has been a quarterly increase in the number of those employed in the in financial and insurance activities since December 2014 so things are looking up.

But we know that not everyone is in their dream job so we have come up with … Read more >>

Could devolution help Ipswich?

22nd January 2016

David Ellesmere, leader of Ipswich council certainly believes so and is quoted as saying it “…will drive forward our local economy and bring great benefits to Ipswich”.

Indeed his thoughts echo those put forward on a national scale by the Local Government Associate which makes the following two claims in its Local solutions for a successful nation publication.

  • Deliver £11billion in savings for the public purse through radical reform.
  • Generate at least £80billion in growth and 700,000

Does London still have the big pull?

11th January 2016

For many, London is still the place to be if you want to pursue a career in the financial services sector, and on the face of it, one would have a difficult challenge to argue otherwise. Being the home to many large multi-national corporations, stories appearing in the news almost constantly of incredible bonus payouts and the prospect of working in a city that is fundamental to the success of the FS industry on a global scale, the appeal can … Read more >>

What’s Your Niche In Accountancy or Finance?

8th January 2016

It can be difficult to break into the accountancy or finance industry, but it is achievable for many. However, getting yourself into a long-term career niche isn’t quite so easily achievable. To get anywhere in finance you have to be intelligent, disciplined and you must be able, mentally, to cope with some very tough situations.

There are lots of different jobs roles and it usually takes any individual person years and years to find their rightful place. To help you … Read more >>