How Consumer Confidence, House Prices and Employment are Linked Together

4th October 2016
Geoff Collings

Generally speaking, if consumer confidence is on the up then so will house prices be. If the public are feeling secure in their jobs and they feel the economy is moving in the right direction, then they are more likely to be willing to move house. It’s the old battle between supply vs. demand. As the demand for homes rises without an increase in supply, then the price will invariably go up.

Consumer confidence is a tricky beast to measure … Read more >>

Impact Of Lower Interest Rates On Employers

9th September 2016

When banks offer low interest rates it has an effect on employers of all sizes. Lower interest rates affect everybody, from employers to individuals. When there are more purchases than normal it puts a strain on businesses and their normal operations. When sales increase, employers have to hire more workers to make the products they sell.

Lower Rates Mean Bigger Purchases

Businesses will look to make large purchases themselves when interest rates are low. This means that business expansion is … Read more >>

Agency Worker Regulations

26th August 2016
Geoff Collings

If you’re one of the 1.3 million people in the UK that are estimated to be agency workers, your rights as an employee will be very important to you. While the Working Time Directive primarily focuses on the protection of so called permanent staff, agency worker rights are protected by their own set of regulations.

The Principle of Equal Treatment

From the moment that you arrive for work on your first day as an agency employee, you have certain rights … Read more >>

The Working Time Directive

12th August 2016
Geoff Collings

Most people have probably heard of the Working Time Directive, but do you know what it actually is. How did it come about and perhaps more importantly given the UK decision to leave the European Union, what happens after Brexit? Here we’ll look briefly at how it came into being, the rights it enshrined, and look into our crystal ball at what the future might hold.

The Working Time Directive – a brief history

The EU Working Time Directive can …

FRS 102 Accounting Standard Changes Defined

10th August 2016
Geoff Collings

What is FRS 102

The FRS 102 is called the Financial Reporting Standards – these set of guidelines were set up under GAAP rules for use in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. These rules are put into place by the Financial Reporting Council for the purpose of addressing company law requirements and to identify additional accounting options within corporations.
The way in which the FRS 102 has changed from the old GAAP standards are mainly in the areas … Read more >>

Ipswich businesses to benefit from British Bankers Association recognition

29th February 2016

Firms in Ipswich now have access to first class business support and mentoring thanks to the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce being fully endorsed by the British Bankers Association (BBA).

The BBA is the leading trade association for the UK Banking sector and at the back end of 2015 it commended the Suffolk Chamber for the support it provides to local start-up and entrepreneurial businesses. The high standards that the Suffolk Chamber had to achieve mean that it is now listed … Read more >>

Interview Tips: Make sure you give the best impression

25th February 2016

For many candidates, the interview can be a stressful and challenging occasion. For more senior roles you will probably be called for more than one interview, potentially three or four with different departments and different managers. You may also face a panel. No matter what role you are applying for, the following no-brainer interview tips apply:

Look your best

Unless you are very specifically told otherwise, only a smart suit will do. For the gentleman, a white preferably (or blue … Read more >>

What is a recruiter looking for in an accountant?

18th February 2016

It is often not wise to try and second guess what type of accountant a recruiter might be looking for, but there are some things that we can be certain of when it comes to what they might search out when reviewing a CV.

Much of it will depend on the stage of your career and the level of role that you are applying for, which is why it is important to tailor your CV accordingly. Here we look at … Read more >>

What makes a good Accountant?

11th February 2016

The stereotypical accountant is someone who is perhaps A little dull, enjoys working on their own and who only deals with facts and figures. However our experience from the Ingatestone Office leads us to quite a different conclusion. When we look at what is required of an accountant in today’s business world we find that the personality traits that one used to associate with an accountant no longer hold true and that one has to be more outgoing in their … Read more >>

The Importance of Team

1st February 2016

Getting the job you want is a competitive business. The importance of differentiating yourself from others has never been more important. Of course you will have many skills and attributes to mention at interview, but a key element to consider is your approach to teamwork.

It’s a pretty standard interview question to be asked to give some examples of situations where you have worked in a team. It is good interview planning therefore, to consider these situations in advance as … Read more >>