Our 2019 Easter Egg Appeal: a Cracking Success!

17th April 2019

The MacKenzie King Easter Egg Appeal has become something of a tradition over the past couple of years. Last year’s appeal was a cracking success, and so the MacKenzie King team egg-citedly (apologies!) got stuck into our annual appeal once again. As always, our clients, colleagues and local businesses have risen to the challenge tremendously. … Read more >>

How to Choose the Right Recruitment Agency for you

11th April 2019

Whether you’re looking to make your next career move, or are ready for a new hire, choosing the right recruitment agency for your needs is crucial. You may think that all recruitment agencies are the same, but actually there are a wide range to choose from. … Read more >>

The Importance of providing your Candidates with Feedback

13th March 2019

Going for an interview is often daunting and nerve wracking. Your candidates will have invested their time in researching the company and the role, as well as taken the time to attend the interview itself. If they’re unsuccessful in the recruitment process, therefore, it can be extremely demoralising. … Read more >>

Launching our 2019 Easter Egg Appeal

27th February 2019

For the past two years, our Easter Egg charity appeal has been a cracking success. Each Spring, we ask our clients, colleagues and local businesses if they would be kind enough to donate an Easter egg or small gift to us, which we then deliver to various charities local to our offices.… Read more >>

Meet MacKenzie King: Geoff

23rd January 2019

To kick off the New Year, we thought it only fitting that the next in the series of our Meet MacKenzie King interviews should see us hear from one of our founding Directors, Geoff Collings. Geoff is the co-founder and Director of MacKenzie King, having started the company in 2011 with the aim of bringing a more personal approach to professional recruitment.… Read more >>

On the 12 Days of Christmas, my Dream Job gave to me…

18th December 2018

If you’ve recently found your ideal job, we hope that it has been everything you could have wished for and more! If a new job is still at the top of your Christmas wish list, read on for all the inspiration you could need to find a new role in 2019:… Read more >>

Temping? Don’t lose out on what you’re entitled to!

7th December 2018

If you’re in between permanent positions, or unsure exactly what your next career move should be, temping can be an excellent stopgap. It’s a way to gain valuable industry experience and can often lead to a full time position within the company you’re temping for. And there’s no reason why, if you’re temping, that you should feel that you are any less an employee than your permanent counterparts.… Read more >>

Autumn Executive Networking Lunches

23rd November 2018

This week saw the return of our Executive Networking Lunches. Once again, we hosted lunches at Suffolk Food Hall, Ipswich, and Little Channels, Chelmsford, which were attended by a wide variety of Senior Executives and the MacKenzie King team.… Read more >>

3 Ways to Make your LinkedIn Profile Work Harder

14th November 2018

Most job seekers will have a LinkedIn Profile. But how many people make their profile work to its best ability for them? Whether you are actively looking for a new role, or are using LinkedIn as a tool for building your professional network, there are ways to make your profile work harder for you.… Read more >>

Company Perks: How can Small Businesses Compete with Big Organisations?

26th October 2018

There’s a reason that perks are big business in the world of employee satisfaction at the moment: they do exactly what they say on the tin, they are a little something extra which is a nice little part of your job. And when it comes to employee satisfaction, making sure you stand out from the crowd in terms of the benefits that you offer is a sure-fire way of retaining your top talent.… Read more >>