Top Tips: Job Interview preparation  

26th February 2020


The ultimate guide on how to prepare for an interview — ensuring that you’ll walk in confident and able to give thoughtful, compelling answers to your interviewer’s questions…. Whilst remaining calm, confident and professional!

  1. Before your interview

Firstly, do your research, ensure that you have spent time reading about the company, their clients and the products/services they provide, Here, your main focus is not just to find out about the company but also how they see themselves and how … Read more >>

The Secret Ingredient for Engaging, Motivating & Retaining Employees

5th February 2020

Why the Answer isn’t Always Perks, Benefits and Free Lunches…

One of our recent MacKenzie King blogs looked at the different ways an employer can use benefits & perks to attract, motivate and retain staff. However, new studies indicate that employers also need to consider the other side of the coin, with some HR experts suggesting that engaging a committed workforce requires a different approach; one that is focused on the culture & purpose of a company, not just offer … Read more >>

Does Your Company Need to Think About Publishing its Parental Policies?

3rd December 2019

As we hurtle towards a General Election, there’s currently no shortage of issues and pledges being debated in the press. But one employment issue that is worth highlighting, particularly for those of us working for large companies, is the campaign being spearheaded by Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson to call for businesses to publish their maternity and paternity policies.

Swinson is calling on the government to require employers of more than 250 people to publish their parental pay and leave … Read more >>

6 Essential Business and Finance Podcasts for Accounting Professionals

19th November 2019

It’s no surprise that podcasts have soared in popularity over the last decade. The ability to listen to informative and entertaining programmes at any time and often whilst doing something else, is convenient and can make a long commute or a boring run much more interesting.

The medium has exploded since the first podcasts appeared in 2004 and now you can find podcasts on almost every subject under the sun, pretty much instantly and usually for free. However, this proliferation … Read more >>

National Work Life Week and How Employers can Encourage a Good Work-Life Balance

26th September 2019

You might not be aware, but 7th to 11th October is National Work Life Week. It’s an annual initiative created by Working Families, the UK’s work-life balance organisation and it’s intended to be an opportunity for both employers and employees to focus on achieving a good work-life balance.

A poor work-life balance can cause employees to neglect other aspects of their lives; it can have a negative effect on their personal relationships, result in physical and mental … Read more >>

Why it’s Never too Soon to be Thinking About Retirement – It’s Pension Awareness Day!

10th September 2019

Retirement can seem like another planet when you’re young, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that pensions are something only old people need to think about. It’s Pension Awareness Day and so it seems the ideal time to look at the importance of starting to save towards your retirement as early as possible.

Throughout the UK, it’s clear that on average, people aren’t saving enough money to pay for a comfortable retirement. A recent study by the Office for … Read more >>

How to Make the Most of Employee Benefits

21st August 2019

As recruiters, a lot of our time is spent meeting candidates, visiting clients and communicating between companies and prospective employees. When we’re giving candidates the details of a new position, salary, bonus schemes and holiday allowance are all crucial considerations, but increasingly, employee benefits and perks are also an important part of this conversation and are an emerging area of research.

Studies show workplace benefits can have manifold positive effects, including better staff morale, improved engagement, a better work-life … Read more >>

Trainee Recruitment Consultant Opportunity

14th August 2019

MacKenzie King is a leading specialist recruitment consultancy focusing solely on recruiting accountancy and finance roles across Suffolk and Essex. As exam results season is now here, we are  looking to recruit a Trainee Recruitment Consultant to join our busy Ipswich office. This position offers a great opportunity to benefit from expert training and support in a dynamic industry, whilst earning a competitive salary plus the potential to earn commission as well.… Read more >>

MacKenzie King Team Save the World!

15th July 2019

Last week, the MacKenzie King team saved humanity from certain doom by recovering a vital vaccine from a top secret laboratory! Yes, for our staff summer bash we visited Escape Ipswich and succeeded in escaping from the ‘Contagion’ game in just over 53 minutes. Followed by some well-deserved drinks at Isaac’s, then a lovely dinner at the Waterfront Bar Bistro, it was great to put our teamwork to the test and celebrate some of our recent successes.… Read more >>

Is your Recruitment Consultancy Working Hard Enough for your Business?

19th June 2019

In the current economic climate, it’s more important than ever to be confident that your business is getting first class service and excellent value for money from your recruitment consultancy.

Here at MacKenzie King, we believe we give our clients a genuinely excellent service. Now we’re inviting you to answer the following questions in respect of your current recruitment consultancy to discover if you are getting the quality service your company deserves.… Read more >>