A new World Wide Web home for MacKenzie King

16th February 2015

As with any well dressed person, or as The Kinks proclaimed, ‘A dedicated follower of fashion’ MacKenzie King like to move with the times.

While we were very happy with our previous website site it was agreed that we should spruce up our offering a little. So like an episode of ‘Homefront’ or some other such home makeover TV show we have had the decorators in and we can proudly welcome you into our new home!

Of course the dust …

Welcome to the MacKenzie King Blog

24th December 2014
Matt Barry

Why, hello there!

Welcome to our very first MacKenzie King blog.

Funny word blog, we’re not sure if we like it. Somehow ‘Weblog, an online diary’ has morphed into the word Blog. There seems to be a little too much slang around nowadays. Hang on we sound like a stuffy teacher!

Blog is just fine.

Now that is settled let us introduce ourselves. We are MacKenzie King and we recruit across Essex, Suffolk and Kent and specialise in Accountancy and … Read more >>