5 Things You Must Do Before A Job Interview

27th November 2015

Interviews are nerve-inducing occasions that are so important, exciting and terrifying – all at the same time. Attending an interview is enough to make many people fall apart, but it needn’t be that way. This is just a small part of a much bigger picture, one that involves you showing off your awesome skills and getting the job you deserve.

Some people can just saunter up to an interview unprepared and nail it, no prep needed. However, most of us … Read more >>

6 Top Tips For Small Businesses Looking To Hire New Employees

24th November 2015

As a small business, hiring an employee is huge. It is exciting because your business needs an extra pair of hands, and your company dynamic is about to completely change. However, it’s also terrifying because your business needs an extra pair of hands and your company dynamic is about to completely change…

Don’t panic. This is really exciting and you don’t need to have done an exam to hire the right person, you just need to read these top tips:… Read more >>

Use Social Media To Make Your Job Search Even Stronger

17th November 2015

You’ve Connected With Us, But How About Everyone Else?

When you’re fresh on the job market again, your first step will of course be engaging with us, sending us your fantastic CV, and letting us help you get your perfect job. Following that though, you’ll need to use all the other tools available to you to help you get hired.

If you don’t already use social media for job hunting, it’s time to ditch the horse and cart and get … Read more >>

Donations with a Difference

27th July 2015

We are delighted to be supporting Donations with a Difference this year. DWAD.org is a registered charity raising money for great causes via a selection of wonderful events such as comedy nights, quizzes and online events.
This year we are backing Super10. The charity fantasy football with a difference and you can join via our dedicated MacKenzie King link.… Read more >>

The perfect CV

26th June 2015

Now in a contradiction to our title there may not be a perfect CV but there are many steps that if followed can help you land that perfect job!

The Curriculum Vitae is vitally important to landing your perfect career move.  Here at MacKenzie King we see hundreds over any given week and we cannot stress the need to produce a well structured and presentable CV. Sleep on it. No, not literally rather write it up, perhaps have a family … Read more >>

Tips on the top interview attire

12th May 2015

You have struggled to find that perfect job and really stuck the hours in researching the company you wish to join, so don’t blow your chances; make sure you stand out with the perfect interview attire!

Make no mistake what you wear to an interview will create the image of the type of candidate, and person you are. Choosing the correct clothes is critical to any future success.

Now that is not to say that every job you go for … Read more >>

A new World Wide Web home for MacKenzie King

16th February 2015

As with any well dressed person, or as The Kinks proclaimed, ‘A dedicated follower of fashion’ MacKenzie King like to move with the times.

While we were very happy with our previous website site it was agreed that we should spruce up our offering a little. So like an episode of ‘Homefront’ or some other such home makeover TV show we have had the decorators in and we can proudly welcome you into our new home!

Of course the dust …

Welcome to the MacKenzie King Blog

24th December 2014
Catherine Vickery

Why, hello there!

Welcome to our very first MacKenzie King blog.

Funny word blog, we’re not sure if we like it. Somehow ‘Weblog, an online diary’ has morphed into the word Blog. There seems to be a little too much slang around nowadays. Hang on we sound like a stuffy teacher!

Blog is just fine.

Now that is settled let us introduce ourselves. We are MacKenzie King and we recruit across Essex, Suffolk and Kent and specialise in Accountancy and … Read more >>