How to Avoid a Digital Overload at Work

2nd March 2018
Geoff Collings

Multitasking. Everyone wants to be able to do everything, all the time. And why not? It’s hailed as the holy grail of productivity, and with the amount of apps, software and systems at our fingertips nowadays, it’s easy to understand why you’d feel the need to increase your digital presence. However, it’s also easy to become bogged down in digital overload.

Have you thought about the fact that our lives are often bombarded with digital information nowadays? Information overload can actually be detrimental to productivity, particularly when it comes to your worklife. Therefore, if you want to increase your productivity, we’d suggest a bit of a digital detox!

In the Workplace

It’s easy to implement programme after programme after programme within the workplace. There are programmes available for invoicing, keeping track of your finances, CRM systems, HR systems and much more besides. Then on top of this we’ve got our company websites and our corporate social media feeds, too.

Frequently we’ll find ourselves unable to finish one specific task without checking our emails or flitting to an unrelated website. So how do we make sure we’re still productive in our day-to-day working life, whilst getting the most out of digital technology? Here are our top tips:

1 . Stop Trying to Multitask

Is multitasking really the holy grail of productivity? How many times do you flick between screens, never really getting anything done? Instead, focus on one goal and one goal only at a time. Try not to move away from that task until it is done. Then set aside some time to reply to messages in one go, rather than as they land in your inbox.

2. Don’t Treat Email like Instant Messenger

Emails should really be treated like old fashioned letters. Reply to them properly, rather than with quick-fire messages, which you then have to follow up because you’ve forgotten to include extra points that needed conveying. If you need a quick answer to something, pick up the phone.

3. It’s Good to Talk!

As we’re on the subject of picking up the telephone, remember that human interaction is key to office culture and working as a team, not to mention supplier and client relationships. Whilst it’s sometimes good to have a paper trail of events, things do get lost in translation in emails and it’s also hard to convey tone. Speaking to someone face to face or over the phone will help to strengthen office relations. Furthermore, why not attend peer-to-peer networking events to make connections within your industry and swap advice?

When it comes to a healthy relationship with your work, any form of digital detox is bound to help your mental wellbeing. Switching off – quite literally – and giving yourself a break from screen time, will mean that when you do switch back on, you’ll be refreshed and ready to go.

Remember that you can also integrate outside support into your working practices, which will help with information overload. If you require support with your hiring requirements, or would rather a face-to-face approach when it comes to recruitment, MacKenzie King can help. As specialist financial recruiters in Essex, Suffolk and Kent, we are happy to offer support when recruiting online becomes too much.

Why not pick up the phone and speak to us about how we can help you to find the right candidate for your vacancy?