How to Attract, Engage and Retain Millennials

2nd February 2018
Geoff Collings

Today’s newest generation of job hunters expect a lot more from their careers. Being the first generation to really grow up with tech at their fingertips, and in a world which is constantly evolving so as to be as inclusive and flexible as possible, Millennials are increasingly looking for work that works for them.

So what is work that works? What exactly are the Millennial generation looking for in their roles? Here’s how to attract and recruit Millennial talent:

A New Generation of Job Seeker

Millennials, or Generation Y as they’re also known, are generally thought of as those born between the early 1980s and mid-1990s. This generation is currently starting to forge and establish their careers, and they are marked as having an increased familiarity with media, digital technologies and communications.

Approximately 1 in 3 workers now falls into this age group, so it’s important that recruiters know exactly what to offer this new band of smart, tech-savvy, forward thinking employees.

How to attract the Millennial Generation to your Vacancy 

Cultural fit is something which the Millennial generation value. It’s therefore important that when the post is advertised, your company’s core ethics and values are highlighted. This could be how you fulfil your corporate social responsibility, or your commitment to a good work-life balance for your employees, for example. What you do as a company and how you treat your employees will be something that today’s newest generation of job seekers will look at before deciding whether your company works for them.

On top of this, the Millennial generation is all about communication. Making sure that the job specifications, such as pay, hours, and location, are set out clearly in the vacancy details is therefore crucial. Using a specialist recruitment consultant will help with this communication between employer and candidate. A specialist recruiter will always ensure that all of the relevant details are presented in a clear, concise format, highlighting anything that makes you stand out from the crowd as an employer.

Keeping Millennials Engaged

Today’s young employee is after much more than a secure job. Indeed, many of them recognise that they are unlikely to find a job straight out of university which they’ll be in until they retire. As such, it’s important to keep the Millennial generation engaged with their work and retained within your company.

Here are just a few ideas which will help to engage and retain Millennials within your organisation:

  • Flexible working: Millennials like having the flexibility to individualise their schedules. This could be to fit around childcare needs, or to maintain some time for their hobbies and interests in a bid to create a healthy work-life balance.
  • Home working: Similarly, if there isn’t a need to be in the office (for example, if there are no client meetings scheduled), it’s a good idea to offer homeworking opportunities.
  • Communication: Keep lines of communication open. Offering reviews more often than annually or biannually is a good idea, especially if their cycle of projects naturally lends itself to a more frequent review process or instant feedback.
  • Training: Keeping Millennials’ skills at their best is an excellent way of helping to engage this generation in their work. If they feel like they are furthering their career within the organisation they already work for, they are more likely to stay.
  • Create purpose: Millennials thrive when they know their work is being valued. Clearly demonstrate that their work has an end value, as this will help to engage them ready for the next goal.
  • Perks: Who doesn’t love a perk?! They don’t have to be expensive luxuries, either. Your company perks could include lunchtime yoga, afternoon cakes, postage available to purchase, casual Fridays, music in the workplace or staff weekends away, as just a few examples!

MacKenzie King: the Modern Employer

Here at MacKenzie King, being a modern, forward-thinking employer is something which we pride ourselves on. When recruiting for new roles internally, we like to make sure that we’re offering employees of all ages a pleasant, flexible environment in which to work. As such, some of the benefits that the MacKenzie King team enjoy include the opportunity to work remotely and a reduced day on a Friday, for example.

Work-life balance is incredibly important to us, and as such we have a strong part-time presence in the office. On top of this, we also have generous annual leave allowances, life insurance and critical illness cover for all team members, incentive schemes and birthday gifts, and we like a regular team outing too! If we sound like the type of company that would suit your personality, why not take a look at our current vacancies?