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The process involved in assisting you with your next career move starts with you completing our online application form. This will take approximately 10 minutes, you will need to upload a digital copy of your CV and a scan of your passport including front cover as well as picture page. Please enter your details below to start your registration process.




    We will verify qualifications with awarding bodies and institutes.

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    If we are unable to verify your employment history we would appreciate help from you. Not having accurate information about your employment history may make it harder for us to find assignments quickly. We will not contact your current employer unless we have your express permission. Please start with your most recent employer.


    This information is not used to assist the process of short listing.

    Your career choices may offer you the chance to work in organisations or environments where you may come into contact with children or other vulnerable groups, or your profession may fall within certain excepted categories. Where this is likely to apply the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1975 requires us to ask you for additional information.
    Depending on the type of work sought you may have to complete a criminal record check form the Criminal Records Bureau.


    I can confirm that the information provided by me on this form and in any CV I have provided is both true and accurate. I have not knowingly omitted any facts that would affect my future employment in the UK.
    I understand that any engagement entered into will be subject to documentary evidence of my right to work in the UK, verification of professional qualifications and, in some cases, satisfactory references being available.
    I consent to any sensitive information disclosed as part of my application being used in connection with the search for employment (subject to relevant GDPR legislation)
    I understand you will use my details in accordance with your privacy policy.
    I will inform MacKenzie King of any changes that affect my work, such as health pending prosecutions or convictions that may arise whilst I am registered for work.
    I recognise that MacKenzie King has the right to request a Criminal Records Bureau disclosure where it is considered necessary and that any details from this or any other 'Police check' may be forwarded to a potential employer.
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    Here at MacKenzie King we believe that from entry level to qualified professionals you should expect a quality of service that is second to none.
    This begins with a face to face meeting to discuss your career aspirations followed by honest advice on various matters including your CV, salary expectations, career mapping and interview techniques. A personal marketing plan will be set for you which will involve proactive and/or reactive work depending on your needs. We then commit to work with you oconsultant/client basis where we will provide you with an overview of the market and vacancies relevant to your needs. Our goal is to partner with you from the very beginning of a new vacancy arising through to helping you to settle into your new role, becoming a trusted advisor to you throughout your whole career.