6 Essential Business and Finance Podcasts for Accounting Professionals

19th November 2019
Catherine Vickery

It’s no surprise that podcasts have soared in popularity over the last decade. The ability to listen to informative and entertaining programmes at any time and often whilst doing something else, is convenient and can make a long commute or a boring run much more interesting.

The medium has exploded since the first podcasts appeared in 2004 and now you can find podcasts on almost every subject under the sun, pretty much instantly and usually for free. However, this proliferation means that when it comes to quality, it can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. You will easily find plenty of lists online recommending a variety of podcasts relating to accounting and careers in finance, but in many cases, the majority of these podcasts will originate in the USA and be of limited relevance to people working outside America.

So, MacKenzie King has done some research and compiled this list of the top 6 podcasts that we think are worth a listen if you’re working in accountancy and finance in the UK. If you have any recommendations that we’ve missed, please let us know!

1. The Small Business Sessions

This series of podcasts is sponsored by Xero and is produced by Enterprise Nation, a community of small businesses and business advisers providing resources, events and expertise. Their weekly podcast shares tips and stories from some of Britain’s best entrepreneurs and business experts, covering topics such as Making Tax Digital and Choosing the Perfect Accountant; A Mindset for Growth from Day One; and All You Need to Know About Alternative Finance. As well as the podcasts, the Enterprise Nation website has other useful resources for small businesses, including informative blogs, masterclass webinars and details of events.

Listen to The Small Business Sessions via Stitcher here:


2. Money Talks

Money Talks is presented by The Economist. The weekly printed magazine is available in a full audio version, so it’s possible to listen to each edition read by professional broadcasts, but only if you are a subscriber. However, you can access a wide range of podcasts via the Economist Radio section of their website for free. It looks at the markets, the economy and current affairs stories relating to the world of business. Recent episodes have covered opposition to the European Central Bank’s plans for quantitative easing; a discussion about higher corporate purpose and purpose vs profit; and an article examining the risks businesses face from climate change.

Listen via Acast, here:


3. The Bottom Line

Evan Davis hosts this engaging weekly BBC Radio 4 business conversations programme, with recent episodes featuring discussions about insolvency, cryptocurrencies, business gurus, shortages and titles including Are Auditors Fit for Purpose and Planning for Uncertainty. Also, if you visit The Bottom Line’s homepage on the Radio 4 website, you’ll find links to lots of other programmes dealing with business, finance, entrepreneurs and economics.

Explore further via the BBC Radio 4 website:


4. ACCA Podcasts

Accountancy students and finance professionals in the early stages of their careers should find lots of informative content amongst the ACCA’s educational podcasts, which offer an in-depth exploration of subjects relevant to the ACCA qualification, in addition to advice about coping with exam stress, CV writing and applying for jobs. Recent episodes include an interview with a Strategic Business Leader prize-winner; resources and techniques to help candidates answer questions on the Strategic Business Reporting exam; and a look at how using big data and data analytics can improve business performance.

Take your pick from the ACCA podcasts at:


5. In The Balance

This programme comes from the BBC’s World Service and offers a broad look at the biggest finance-related current affairs stories and explores why they matter to us all. The latest episode is Retirement and When to Retire, with other recent episodes examining ethical consumerism, juggling the demands of a job and family and how the rest of Europe is preparing for Brexit.

You can find all of the In The Balance podcasts here:


6. Go Beyond Disruption

These podcasts aim to help accountants stay ahead of the curve, with exclusive conversations between the staff of CIMA and AICPA and global practitioners and experts in the accounting and finance profession. It looks at leadership, communication and more general accounting-related issues, but has a particularly strong focus on technology. It promises to highlight practical routes to the opportunities offered by the latest trends in blockchain, data analytics, robotic process automation, digital mindsets and more. Whilst the podcasts do feature some American content, there are plenty of British focused episodes that should prove interesting, including How Digital Disruption is Transforming Finance; International Accounting Day: Why I Became An Accountant; The Value-Perception Gap: Why Do Clients Leave? and the particularly intriguingly titled Seize the Day: How Rihanna Helped Make Accounting Relevant!

Link to the Go Beyond Disruption website here: