3 Ways to Make your LinkedIn Profile Work Harder

14th November 2018
Catherine Vickery

Most job seekers will have a LinkedIn Profile. But how many people make their profile work to its best ability for them? Whether you are actively looking for a new role, or are using LinkedIn as a tool for building your professional network, there are ways to make your profile work harder for you.

Here are three ways that you can ensure that anyone looking at your LinkedIn profile finds it to be full and thorough, which in turn will present you in the best light when job hunting and networking:

1. Review your LinkedIn Profile

Prospective employers will almost certainly view your LinkedIn profile upon receipt of your CV. As such, you need to ensure that you have a full profile available to them, with a professional profile picture.

The key to a winning LinkedIn profile is to ensure that you give enough information without simply repeating everything on your CV. Where possible, it’s a good idea to include links to your company websites and / or blog, so long as these are in keeping with the professional image you’re trying to portray.

Indeed, part of your profile review should be to think carefully about the audience you’re trying to reach. Are you job hunting, or looking to build your network and potentially make a step up in your career? Assess your goals, and make sure that your profile meets the needs of those you’d like to attract to your network.

2. Recommend and Endorse

As with all social media, both professional and personal, content is king. Make sure, therefore, that you are regularly liking and commenting on posts from your connections, as this will go a long way to keeping you in their mind’s eye. Similarly, if your company has a LinkedIn business page, remember to share its content onto your personal feed regularly.

Remember that you can showcase recommendations and testimonials from clients, as well as endorse your connections for certain skills, too, with the etiquette being to give an endorsement for anyone who endorses you.

3. Make Connections

There is an expectation, certainly at senior level, that you’ll have a well-rounded network and are well connected, which on LinkedIn at least is shown by the number of connections you have.

Make sure that you follow up on any networking events by asking those people that you met to connect on LinkedIn. Always send a personal message with any connection, especially if you’ve met them in person previously, so as to remind them how you know them, or why you’re looking to connect.

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