What should you do if you fail a Professional Exam?

4th May 2017

If you have your heart set on a career in finance, there will come a time probably sooner rather than later when you will be required to sit a professional exam. From the ACCA for accounting roles through to the CISI if you wish to work in securities and investments, professional exams are unavoidable in the world of finance.

If you’ve already sat these exams and have passed with flying colours, that’s great; you’ll be well on your way towards … Read more >>

2017 Easter Egg campaign Success!

19th April 2017

For the first time this year, we were egg-cited (forgive us!) to launch the Mackenzie King Easter Egg donation campaign. We asked our contacts, colleagues and local businesses if they would be kind enough to donate an extra Easter egg or small gift to us, which we in turn would deliver to three local charities.

We are now happy to report that we have been completely overwhelmed by the success of this campaign! In Suffolk, we collected over 500 eggs … Read more >>

How does the Spring 2017 Budget Affect Recruitment?

31st March 2017

The Chancellor Phillip Hammond’s 2017 Spring Budget will more than likely be remembered for his U-turn on the hike in National Insurance Contributions for the self-employed. But aside from this unusual turn of events, there are some key points that recruiters can take away from this year’s budget.

With employment at a record high of 31.8 million people, and predicted growth of the UK economy by 2% in 2017, the future for both recruiters and those seeking employment certainly looks … Read more >>

The World of Accountancy is Open to Everyone

9th November 2016
Geoff Collings

Unlike many other job sectors, your success in the accountancy world is not linked directly to which type of school or university you attended. While many might perceive the accountancy profession to be made up of ‘old and stuffy’ people, the diverse nature of accountancy roles actually allows for a broad range of individuals to enter the profession.

To highlight our point, in a report published by the Sutton Trust, it found that 78% of barristers had attended Oxbridge … Read more >>

The Impact of the Gig Economy on Recruitment

20th October 2016

The rise of the so-called ‘gig economy’ looks set to alter the recruitment industry in a number of ways, but if you’re not familiar with this term, then you soon will be. It is becoming more widely known, as the number of people involved in it continues to rise. To summarise the term, the ‘gig economy’ is where self-employed or freelance workers take on a number of projects for different clients, rather than being in the permanent employment of only … Read more >>

How Consumer Confidence, House Prices and Employment are Linked Together

4th October 2016
Geoff Collings

Generally speaking, if consumer confidence is on the up then so will house prices be. If the public are feeling secure in their jobs and they feel the economy is moving in the right direction, then they are more likely to be willing to move house. It’s the old battle between supply vs. demand. As the demand for homes rises without an increase in supply, then the price will invariably go up.

Consumer confidence is a tricky beast to measure … Read more >>

Impact Of Lower Interest Rates On Employers

9th September 2016

When banks offer low interest rates it has an effect on employers of all sizes. Lower interest rates affect everybody, from employers to individuals. When there are more purchases than normal it puts a strain on businesses and their normal operations. When sales increase, employers have to hire more workers to make the products they sell.

Lower Rates Mean Bigger Purchases

Businesses will look to make large purchases themselves when interest rates are low. This means that business expansion is … Read more >>

Agency Worker Regulations

26th August 2016
Geoff Collings

If you’re one of the 1.3 million people in the UK that are estimated to be agency workers, your rights as an employee will be very important to you. While the Working Time Directive primarily focuses on the protection of so called permanent staff, agency worker rights are protected by their own set of regulations.

The Principle of Equal Treatment

From the moment that you arrive for work on your first day as an agency employee, you have certain rights … Read more >>

The Working Time Directive

12th August 2016
Geoff Collings

Most people have probably heard of the Working Time Directive, but do you know what it actually is. How did it come about and perhaps more importantly given the UK decision to leave the European Union, what happens after Brexit? Here we’ll look briefly at how it came into being, the rights it enshrined, and look into our crystal ball at what the future might hold.

The Working Time Directive – a brief history

The EU Working Time Directive can …

FRS 102 Accounting Standard Changes Defined

10th August 2016
Geoff Collings

What is FRS 102

The FRS 102 is called the Financial Reporting Standards – these set of guidelines were set up under GAAP rules for use in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. These rules are put into place by the Financial Reporting Council for the purpose of addressing company law requirements and to identify additional accounting options within corporations.
The way in which the FRS 102 has changed from the old GAAP standards are mainly in the areas … Read more >>