Job Titles: Are they Important?

6th October 2017

Job Titles. Although many people don’t like to be labelled, in the world of recruitment, we are all job titles. Whether you are a Commercial Finance Analyst, a Finance Manager or a Group Finance Director, our titles are what define us at work. They give us a sense of worth, job satisfaction, and are often linked to our position within a business. When applying for future jobs, we often use our current job title as a way of immediately projecting … Read more >>

How to make the Move from Practice to Industry as a Newly Qualified Accountant

21st September 2017

As a newly qualified accountant, there will likely come a time when you start to question the career path ahead of you. One of the decisions you’ll have to make is whether you want to stay in Practice Accountancy, or move to a role within Industry.

There are pros and cons to both, but if you are looking to move into industry, you may feel a little daunted by the task ahead of you. Here are a few considerations you … Read more >>

Why there’s Never been a Better Time to Job Hunt in Essex

6th September 2017

The Essex Economic Commission has recently put together a report on the greater Essex economy with a bid to double its output to £60 billion in 8 years’ time. The report reveals the county’s economic strengths and weaknesses, and sets out the ambitious plan to achieve 3% growth by 2025. This would make the county the fastest growing economy in the country!

The Strengths and Weakness of Essex

The county is in a fortunate position with its many international links … Read more >>

5 Steps for Developing your Company’s Future Leaders

23rd August 2017

For any business to be successful, it must have effective leadership in place. As such it’s imperative that you identify future leaders, and train and develop your staff at all levels. This will ensure that key expertise and experience are shared and not lost.

Here are five ways in which you can help to develop and build their leadership skills to keep your company at its successful best:

1. Practice Job Rotation

Any future leaders need to be aware of … Read more >>

How to Increase your Visibility on LinkedIn

2nd August 2017

If you’re currently in the process of job hunting, you’ll more than likely know that LinkedIn is an excellent tool for getting your CV out there.  It’s a social platform designed with professional presence in mind, and is an excellent way to connect with colleagues and / or potential employers and recruiters.

Despite this, many people simply don’t know the benefit of networking on LinkedIn, and are unaware that just uploading your CV isn’t enough if you really want to … Read more >>

We’ve Moved!

13th July 2017

We’re pleased to announce that as of Monday 10th July 2017, our Ipswich team are moving offices. Our Ipswich office can now be found at the Three Rivers Business Centre on Felixstowe Road.

The move comes as part of the expansion of our team, and we’re really looking forward to making ourselves at home in our swanky new office space. We’re pleased to report that the last few months have been a huge success for MacKenzie King, which is … Read more >>

How to make the Step Up to Financial Controller

28th June 2017

If you’re looking to make the step up to Financial Controller in the near future, there are certain skills that a potential employer will look for when deciding whether to offer you the role. Your route to this position thus far may be different from that of the candidates that you’re competing against. However, to make the next step you’ll need to demonstrate a certain skillset.

Of course, the role of Financial Controller itself will vary from firm to firm. … Read more >>

What does a Hung Parliament mean for Recruitment?

15th June 2017

Following on from last Thursday’s general election, the UK is potentially in a period of great uncertainty. With the Conservative party failing to gain a majority and therefore forming a minority government with the DUP, we find ourselves with a hung parliament and the world will be watching with interest how the next few weeks and months pan out.

But what does a hung parliament mean in terms of recruitment and employment?


Obviously the biggest worry for the UK … Read more >>

How will the General Election Affect Recruitment and Employment?

7th June 2017

In the midst of all of the current political uncertainty, one thing’s for sure: on Thursday the 8th June 2017, as a nation, we will be going to the polls. There’s a lot of speculation as to what the outcome of the general election will do to recruitment and employment. We’ve been looking at the various policies being offered up by each of the political parties to see what might happen over the next few weeks and months ahead, … Read more >>

Executive Networking Lunch Success

26th May 2017

We’re really pleased to report that our recent executive networking lunches were well received and enjoyed by all. Both of the events, held at the Suffolk Food Hall and Little Channels, Chelmsford, were enjoyed by 50 Senior Commercial Executives across both dates.

As well as a delicious three course lunch and the opportunity to network, we also heard from some excellent speakers. Matthew Cole, a partner at Prettys Solicitors, was a very interesting speaker at both events, giving us an … Read more >>